Photography & Styling


Jodi-Ann’s attention for detail and extensive experience in both the hospitality sector and culinary competition arena’s have given her the edge as a well known and respected food stylist both in South Africa and abroad. She is a hugely creative a individual but what really gives her the edge is her extensive and impressive culinary background and resume extending into all avenues of the industry, allowing her to understand how ingredients react under all conditions and in all environments.

Jodi-Ann has run numerous successful culinary business’, she is a creative and talented photographer and culinary developer and exceptional networker. She works extremely well with photographers on sets and has a team of consulting photographers with whom she has executed International and local projects with.

These are the ingredients which combine to take her expertise to become a World class new product developer, new recipe developer, food stylist and food photographer with an extensive variety of clients across theQSR, FSR,  hospitality and retail sector.

Jodi-Ann’s artistic flair, attention to detail and flexibility can always be seen in her work.

Full portfolios are available on request. 



A variety of images and styling utilising what we have in the pantry. The most important thing this month is going to be that the the cuisine tantalises the palate and speaks to you through the lens. We want to play with a variety of techniques and flavour profiles as well as lighting to create delicious plates of food that really jump out at you.


Inspired by natural light and influenced by Greek flavours, the first few days of January have kept my kitchen full of the gorgeous scents of sautéing onions, fresh herbs and slow cooking meat. There is not much that can match the deep umami notes of slow cooking beef and lamb in the oven but there certainly is space for a quick white wine and spinach chicken that makes your families knees buckle because of the gorgeous flavours it has. Home made pasta and caramelised onions and quick lamb meatballs to keep fresh or frozen with a tantalising “cheats” tzatziki and to top it all off – Greek yoghurt waffles which melt in the mouth… my kind of food. Healthy, fresh, yet easy.


January Recipes