Sensory Analysis

What is a Sensory Analysis?  In short this is an analysis of a specific product against a new sample of the same product or a competitor product. A full test is done using the senses, taste, smell, sight, texture and so forth. A sensory analysis is done “blind” therefore the panel that is doing the testing does not know the ingredients. The product is tested in the raw form as well as in application; this ascertains any changes during the cooking process. Conducting a Sensory Analysis is an integral part of product development.

Product Development

Product development can be described as the process of bringing new products into the market, innovation of new products as well as revamping old concepts to revive them. The Food Design Agency is an innovation and trend hub where we are able to take your product from conceptualisation to final product.

Menu Development

010This process takes an existing menu and looks at the top ordered items and those that are moving and generating income for your establishment to those menu items that are not so popular. An onsite visit is conducted and menu items are to be tasted, The Food Design Team then gets to work on revamping the menu and creating new trendy dishes to suit your establishments target market and needs.

The FDA Team loves to work on new menus, where the ideas and concepts are born from a dream and turns them into a reality.

Recipe Development

Recipe Development can be a challenge to most, but not for The Food Design Agency, writing recipes for all spectres of the industry, including but not limited to hospitality, catering, retail products, advertorials as well as editorials. Our kitchen is constantly bustling with busy chefs and aromas that are so enticing and too delicious to avoid a quick taste of the dish. Recipes are developed and tested on a daily basis thus ensuring guests with big smiles and returning for more.

Customized Development

We love a challenge in our kitchen and therefore should there be any dreams, ideas or concepts out there we would love to meet over a cup of coffee and find out how we are able to assist in making those dreams, ideas and concepts a reality.